The skiing in London is great

ImageSo its not always easy to get the right snow conditions in London right for cross-country skiing, so I have to make do with roller-skis. Its great fun, but a bit slow when you have a tyre strapped to you. (Thanks for the photo Carolyn).

Love this comment by Jon on Facebook –

  • John PP ‎10,000 BC, the wheel invented in the Neolithic era to facilitate movement of heavy objects.
    2012 AD, a Cambridge mathematician with an MBA from LBS forgets how to use one.

Somehow I can’t help but feel that training like this is similar to what we do in the MBA – take abstract models that “kind of” simulate the challenge of reality, and tell ourselves that we still capture the important essence despite the simplifications.

So a tyre for a sled, because it is just about weight and drag, and roller-skis to simulate cross-country ski action. =0

But what to do, the snow in London isn’t always great for skiing.


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