Looking for a few good men (and women)!

In LBS, there is a strong tradition of student-led school trips to their home countries for fun e.g. Japan, Egypt, Lebanon, skiing in Switzerland, or for work e.g. LBS Media trek in LA, commodities trek in Geneva, finance trek to HK/NY, industry trek to Shanghai etc.

I had already organised a trek for work, so I thought it was time to do one for play as well – the LBS North Pole trek.

Ths is the post that started it all –

On 05/05/2011, Choong Luen Lien <xxx@london.edu> wrote:

Felt that your summer IBD internship was too easy and seeking bigger challenges? Think that “global warming” is a key issue confronting us? Missed a spot on the Portugal Trek?

Wanted: Team-players for an expedition to the North Pole in March-April 2012

Dear LBS friends,

Following in the time-honoured tradition of 2nd year MBAs to “slack off” before they graduate, sorry, I meant enrich their life experiences, I am thinking of organising a “North Pole Trek” in March – April 2012.This would involve skiing the last 100km to the north pole in freezing temperatures, with uncertain ice-cover due to global warming. With the moving ice, we could ski a whole day and be further away than when we started, not to mention the risk of falling through the ice or becoming a snack for a polar bear.

This is clearly a VERY VERY significant financial, time and physical investment required in order to train, secure sponsorships and prepare logistics. That said, anyone, regardless of gender or experience is welcome to apply (Corporate turnaround bankers and lawyers especially so, as I hear they have hearts that are used to the cold).

If you are prepared to commit your time and energy, to pull more than your fair share of the weight and to suffer together with good grace, then join me in forming a team of 4 to fly the LBS flag together at the geographic North pole, and leverage our “suffering”, and enriching life experience, for a good cause.

In terms of my own experience, I have been on teams that climbed in the Himalayas, raced in multi-day endurance events and dealt with physically high-stress situations at work. I am interested in team-mates that are able to deal with adversity and can maintain a good sense of humour even when being chased by a polar bear.

Write to me if your childhood dream was to visit Santa Claus’ workshop and we can fulfil it – From an Operations Management perspective, I guarantee his factory will put Jaguar or Amazon to shame (2 billion customers fulfilled over a 24 hour period with no dropped orders)!

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